BDA Coaches FAQ


1. Do I get a reserved seat?

Yes.  All booked customers will have a seat although coach company's can’t always guarantee that groups can sit together.  (Infants travel free but do not qualify for a seat).

2. Can I bring alcohol?

No, coach company's don’t allow alcohol on board, and reserve the right to refuse to let customers board if they are, or appear to be, drunk or under the influence of drugs.

3. Can I smoke on any coach services?

Smoking is prohibited on all services and also within the transport halls and bus loading areas.

4. Can coach company's supply documents in Braille?

Yes.  Please contact them directly if you require information in Braille.


5. Do coach company's offer any discounted tickets?

A range of tickets offers great value for money.  coach company's have tickets for adult, children, seniors, families, wheelchair and mobility scooter users.  Why not take a look at their options and see which one suits you best?  If you need any help please contact them directly

6. What payment methods do coach company's accept?

Payment is usually provided through the secure World pay sites. Coach company's can accept from most major credit cards, and PayPal.

7. Will I have a seat for my small child (under 5).

We have tickets for children and infants on our coach services.  Infants aged up to 2 can travel free if they sit on an adult’s lap, however if you require a seat for child please purchase a child ticket.  Children aged 3-15 years require a child ticket.  Check out our family ticket too which offers great value for 2 adults + 2 children.

8. What help will be provided to help me board and alight the coach?

Trained drivers will help you wherever possible, however they cannot carry or lift heavy items.  If you are a wheelchair or mobility scooter user, coach tickets will include one free adult companion who can assist you boarding and alighting.  If you have any other accessibility requirements please let your coach company know.

9. Can I buy a return ticket returning on a later date on any coach service?

All coach travel is sold on a day return basis. You must return on the same day as your outward journey or purchase two return tickets.

10. Will there be a toilet or a toilet stop?

Most coaches will have toilets on board for your convenience.  Those that do generallyv  do not be make toilet stops  however they will endeavour to meet any particular requests that arise.

11. Can I take my bike on a coach service?

Bikes are sometimes allowed on coach services.  This must be pre-booked and is subject to space availability. These will be required to be stored in the locker and coach company's cannot be held liable for any loss or damage incurred.

12. Can I drink and eat on board?

Coach company's do allow eating and drinking of non-alcoholic beverages on board our coaches.  However for the comfort of all customers they can’t allow particularly smelly or hot food and drinks.

13. Do you let assistance dogs travel?

Assistance dogs are allowed to travel free on services. 

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